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GrUSP was born in 2003 as a PHP developer community, and is today the point of reference in Italy for the best practices of web development. We organize more than fifteen events every year, about programming languages, frameworks, best practices, and DevOps methodologies.

One of our goals is to create accessible and welcoming events where people from different backgrounds can meet, share knowledge and feel at home, creating a diverse and inclusive community. To achieve this goal, we have set up a fund to which anyone can contribute in different ways.

Apropos Srl supports us from a logistical and administrative point of view.

Why sponsor a GrUSP event

Becoming our sponsor gives you the following opportunity:

  • brand awareness: make yourself known to your target audience;
  • recruiting: find talents in the community;
  • positioning: established as the top player in the sector.

If you are a community, discover our partnership proposal!

Let’s take a look at the numbers

  • 21 years of experience in organizing tech events with an international audience;
  • 14 conferences and online events in 2023

Who takes part in GrUSP events?

Live conferences: up to 500 people per conference

Online conferences: up to 400 people

Origin: Italy (70%), Abroad (30%), up to 30 different countries

Roles: Developer, Engineer, Team Leader / Manager / CTO, Architect

Seniority: 90% of the attendees identify themself as mid-level or senior.

Some data on 2023 events

14 events organized: 12 conferences and 2 online events, aka @localhost

More than 5.000 people took part in our events.

Average satisfaction level (content, platform and atmosphere): 9

When asked: “what did you like the most?” Those who participated respond:

“Great atmosphere, differentiation in topics, which all were great as well :)”
“Very interesting talks! High level content”
“The availability and humble attitude of the speakers, as well as of all the organizers”
“I can’t imagine a better organization”
“The talks were great and really informative! Really liked the conference, it was just right :)”
“The online event has already been amazing! Looking forward to being able to participate in person next year!”
“Great job, one of the best online conference experience I’ve ever had.”
“The friendly environment and the talks”
“I like the way the entire conference was conducted”
“All the technical talks!”
“Nice, clear and coherent event”
“Topics discussed in the talks were super great! Speakers even explained easily even some hot topics”
“I’ve learnt a lot of technologies and ways of doing things that I just want to try as soon as possible”

Some memories from 2023 events

Our formats

Our events have two different types of format:


Events of one or more days, in presence and online.
Participants can follow technical talks held by internationally renowned experts and interact with each other.
Sponsors can get in touch with the participants from their own stand (virtual or physical), with various communication activities, distribution of gadgets, promotional messages …


The “@localhost” events last half a day and are accessible online for free, upon registration.
The sponsor is an integral part of the event, can present a talk, interacts with those who participate, shares promotional messages and distributes virtual gadgets.

Our sponsorship proposal

The above price list is indicative. Prices are VAT excluded and the proposal may vary according to each conference. It is possible to find all the details on the websites of the different conferences.

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