Founded in 2003 as an association dedicated only to the world of PHP, GrUSP has become the reference point in Italy for good practices in the world of web development.
We organize events, conferences and informal meetings involving Italian and international professionals.
We aim to make the ecosystem of the Italian world of web development better both in terms of skills and opportunities by creating greater awareness through comparison and sharing.


Matteo Beccati

Matteo Beccati

Cristina Chesini

Cesare D'Amico con la maglietta GrUSP

Cesare D’Amico

Giovanna Ferrari con la maglietta GrUSP

Giovanna Ferrari

Giorgio Fochesato con la maglietta GrUSP

Giorgio Fochesato

Francesco Fullone con la maglietta GrUSP

Francesco Fullone

Lara Lombardi con la maglietta GrUSP

Lara Lombardi

Daniel Londero con la maglietta GrUSP

Daniel Londero

Francesco Mancin con la maglietta GrUSP

Francesco Mancin

Giulia Tosato con la maglietta GrUSP

Giulia Tosato

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 Nicole Bartolini

Nicole Bartolini

phpday PUG Edition 2021

Alessandro Cappellozza

Alessandro Cappellozza

phpday PUG Edition 2021 – laravelday 2021

Teo Miscia

Teo Miscia

phpday 2021 PUG Edition