Why attend GrUSP conferences?

Living the experience of a conference offers multiple benefits and opportunities: from the acquisition of new skills, to networking to personal growth.

Let’s see together the main reasons why you should participate:


Continue to train in a world in constant change and evolution, keeping up with the times and updating you on the latest technologies of your interest. We select high quality content for an audience that has intermediate / advanced knowledge on the topic of each conference.

World class speakers

Our conferences are a single track, accessible both in person and online, with 8-10 talks a day held by internationally renowned speakers and rising stars on various topics in the field of web development.

Some of the people who came on our stages:

  • phpday: Rasmus Lerdorf (padre del PHP e CTO di Etsy), Fabien Potencier (Symfony), Sebastian Bergmann (phpunit), Enrico Zimuel (Zend framework author), Jordi Boggiano (Composer author), Vasco Duarte (no estimates author), Alberto Brandolini (Eventstorming author), Erika Heidi (community developer for several companies, now in Servergrove);
  • jsday: Douglas Crockford (ex CTO di Yahoo), Steve Souders (author, performance lead in Google and Yahoo), Matteo Collina (core nodejs developer and Fastify author), Luca Mezzalira (international author, ex frontend Dazn lead, now in Amazon);
  • nosqlday: Salvatore Sanfilippo (redis author);
  • angularday: John Papa (Developer Advocate Microsoft).

Share and grow

Our conferences are structured to be able to have ample networking spaces in an informal and familiar context, in which anyone can feel at ease. A very precious opportunity for you and your team to make new professional contacts, make new friends, share, learn and grow. Our ambition is to inspire and be inspired, meet and learn by connecting community members.

Bring your learnings back to work

Videos of all sessions, with integrated slides and audio, will be made available to each participant after the event. This grants you the opportunity to further delve into what you have learned and share it within your team.

Broaden your horizons

Get in touch and compare with people who have the same passions but different backgrounds. Talking with those who do not think in the same way as we do gives us the opportunity to stimulate ourselves, reflect more on some aspects that we had perhaps never taken into consideration and can inspire us to find new solutions to problems that we previously thought might be unsolvable or for which we felt stalled. This is why we want to make our events as diverse as possible. We strongly believe in the value of mutual sharing and we want to give each participant the opportunity to experience our events from this point of view.

This is our goal as well as clearly delivering high quality, value content, but …

But what do the people who have attended our events think about it over the years?

We have collected a few articles that talk about the various events organized to date and we propose them again below in order to have a vision external to ours and to those who have lived the spirit of our conferences:

What are you waiting for?

Attend our next event of your interest now. On the home page you will find the complete calendar with upcoming dates.