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Discover our partnership proposal, what are our values and the advantages that your community can take advantage of by becoming our partner.

Here’s what you’ll find on this page:

Who is this proposal dedicated to?

Communities that:

  • share our values;
  • share an interest in the topics of our events and want to get in touch with other people and communities in the sector.

Or conferences, people and realities that in addition to the above:

  • can offer discounts on products or services that directly affect our community (publishing houses, training, specific tools…);
  • create and distribute contents and which therefore can allow our events to be made known to a wide audience of developers (blog / newsletter, content creator, etc …).

If you are a company that wants to make brand awareness, recruiting and positioning discover our sponsorship proposal.

Who we are and which are our objectives

GrUSP is an association founded in 2003, initially dedicated to the PHP world, and later became the reference point in Italy for all good practices in the world of web development. We organize events, conferences and informal meetings involving Italian and international professionals.

We want to encourage the meeting between developers by encouraging the participation of communities in our events in order to make them unique moments of sharing, training, growth and networking. We too are first of all a community with more than 1900 members.

Confrontation, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our initiatives and activities.

Diversity and Inclusion

We’re committed to creating events that are as diverse and inclusive as possible and we truly believe that communities like yours have a powerful impact in improving diversity and inclusion in tech. 

We take great care and put a lot of effort into creating an environment where everyone can feel comfortable.

Each conference has a code of conduct and we have a scholarships program for those belonging to underrepresented groups in the tech world and for those who cannot afford the costs of the conference. We have set up a fund dedicated to diversity and inclusion and shared all the attention we make to make our events accessible.

Our format

Our events have two different types of different formats:


  • paid event
  • one or more day
  • shybrid (in person + online)

  • free event
  • half a day
  • online
  • Why you should be our partner


    – Receive discounts and free tickets to grow your community members;
    – make your local reality known and attract new members;
    – meet international speakers who could take part in your next events;
    – get to know other people in your industry and expand your network.


    10% discount on the ticket price;
    2 free online tickets for each conference of interest to be given as #GiveAway to a community member;
    partner logo on the website of the conferences of interest;
    – promotion of partner events through our channels (newsletters, social networks, and within the #eventi channel of our Slack);
    – Complete Media Kit with all ready-to-use copies and visuals;
    – Possibility to get in touch with other partners and co-organize an event together on a topic of your choice;
    – Access to our initiatives and those reserved for partners.


    – Support in sharing the event through the way in which it is most appropriate for you to communicate with the members of the community (social, newsletter, during events / meetups. There are no restrictions, each partner has its own means of communication. for us it means being able to share the opportunities deriving from the partnership and the initiatives);
    – Logo as a partner on the site (if any)

    The 2022 conferences are back in person and will be available in hybrid mode (it will therefore be possible to participate both in person and online) and for this reason we have two types of tickets are on sale: hybrid conference and online conference. For now, the free partner tickets are for attending the online version of the conference. The 10% discount is instead valid on both types of tickets but is not valid on Very Early Bird tickets.

    Our types of partnership

    We have two types of partnerships with different characteristics and recipients, here are the differences:


    You are a community organizer that organizes free events / meetups for its members.


    You are an industry company or a paid conference that can:

    – share a discount dedicated to our community on their products / services;

    – offer other services than the classic sharing such as: inclusion of our articles related to events on its website, dedicated newsletters, contact with speakers at an international level, etc.

    Would you like to become our partner?

    Check out the complete list of our upcoming events (conferences and @localhost) on the website home and fill out this form so that we can collect all your data and officially add you as a partner!

    Yes but … after? What’s up?

    After filling out the form you will receive confirmation of our partnership via email. Remember to add the e-mail among your contacts in order not to lose communications.

    We will add you as soon as possible among the conference partners of your interest and you will receive from us only communications relating to the events you have selected, no SPAM or anything else. We send a maximum of 2 e-mails for each conference of interest, the details are below:

    For the conferences:

    • CFP opening communication, early bird deadline, sending discount code, free ticket, material ready for sharing;
    • official lineup launch communication, second free ticket and initiatives dedicated to partners.

    For the @localhost:

    • event launch communication to ensure the opportunity to participate in preview, material ready for sharing and initiatives dedicated to partners