We welcome you to this resource in which you can find all the info to better organize your participation as a speaker during our events.

You will find useful information in all respects: how to propose your talk and define the topics you are going to deal with, how the selection process will take place, how to present an inclusive and accessible talk and what communications you will receive from us until the day of the event.

We hope you find it useful.


Find out why you should propose yourself as a speaker, how to write your abstract, choose the most captivating title for your talk by filling out the CFP of your interest in the best possible way.

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Your talk

In this section you will find all the useful resources to: better structure the contents of your talk, make it interactive and accessible. Useful information to choose whether to pre-register your speech and practical advice on how to do it (for online events).

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The next steps for the online event

Here are briefly listed what the next steps will be to prepare for the online event. You will find the communications you expect from us and the related timelines listed.

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The next steps for the face-to-face event

Here is briefly listed what the next steps will be to get to the conference and the communications you will receive from the moment your talk has been selected.

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