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October 11 2024
CFP Deadline: September 7, 2024

Submit your talk proposal
Language: English and Italian language

Main topics: Sustainable Development Practices, Environmental Impact of Software, Social Responsibility in Software Development, Governance and Ethical Considerations in Software, Merging Trends in Green Software

Proposing yourself as a speaker at a conference allows you to:

  • become a point of reference about the topic of your talk;
  • networking with other people, who will want to get in touch with you to talk about your talk;
  • be able to participate for free in an event that covers topics of your interest.

Speaker Pack for GrUSP events

To thank you for being a speaker during our conferences, we have provided a speaker pack as a thank you.

You can find the specifications and details of each speaker pack on each CFP but in general:

  • GrUSP Season Pass: ticket that gives free access to all online conferences of the current year;
  • conference ticket with coffee breaks and lunch;
  • speakers’ dinner the evening before the event;
  • reimbursement of expenses (check what is included in each CFP);
  • we will plant for you a tree on our forest on Treenation.

Code of conduct and Diversity

We appreciate the participation of every person in the community and want every participant to have an enjoyable, inclusive, respectful of differences conference experience. We expect an inclusive language and attitude that can allow each person to feel included and at ease.

Avoid inserting sexist, racist jokes or any quotes and images in your presentation that may harm the sensibilities of others even if you think you might get a smile and a laugh. If you have any doubts ask us for advice, we will be happy to help you.

On this page you will find our code of conduct to help you in this very delicate aspect.

If you have any doubts, ask us for advice, we will be happy to help you.

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