GrUSP Season Pass

A GrUSP Season Pass gives you the possibility to watch all of our online conferences in the current year, and also gives you access to video recordings.

Why a season pass?

  • A single ticket to attend the online version of all the conferences of the current year;
  • preview access to recorded videos without waiting six months to watch them on GrUSP YouTube channel;
  • possibility to interact with attendees and speakers;
  • low price.

How much does it cost?

You can buy a GrUSP Season Pass for 149€ plus VAT.

How can I buy it?

Drop us an e-mail to or buy it on our online shop.

How does it work?

  • you will receive a code by email; it will give you access to the free version of all our conferences for the current year;
  • visit our conferences page and choose the one you want to attend by clicking it;
  • at the top right of the conference website you will find a button to join the event; click it to visit the related Eventbrite page;
  • once on the Eventbrite website, click on the TICKETS button;
  • at the top left, before the list of available tickets, click “Insert promotional code“;
  • enter the code respecting upper- and lower case;
  • click on “Apply” at the bottom of the field.

At this point you can select the free ticket included in your Season Pass and proceed with the registration process to redeem it.

Do you want to get a ticket to another conference?

Repeat all the above steps from the beginning.