The 12th edition of jsday

The 12th edition of the Italian JavaScript conference organized by GrUSP took place in Verona (and online) on the 13th and 14th of April 2023. The event was amazing with speakers and attendees coming from all over the World, from Australia to Malaysia, from Finland to Switzerland, and from USA to Italy. The event has been followed (online and in-person) by almost 500 participants, coming from 20 different countries. Even if the event has been held in Italy, 35% of the attendees arrived from abroad. These numbers are confirming how important and interesting jsday 2023 is.

When scrolling through the feedback it is evident how the audience appreciated the entire conference. Some of the comments are: “Liked a lot the variety of the talks”, “Liked the engaging and funny talks, the small croissants, biscuits and Italian fruits and juices during the break”, “Organization was great! Also liked lots of details, from the gadgets/merch to the music before the event start. Really liked the lightning talks idea as well”, “Well done! The conference was really good, all talks were quite interesting… I’m ready for jsday 2024!”.

At the first day of conference we had the pleasure to listen Tejas Kumar, Gift Egwuenu, Michele Riva, Daniel Arthur Gallagher, Lizzie Siegle, Phil Nash, Luciano Mammino, Sara Gerion, and Tamas Piros. The second day of the event got the participation of Soumaya Erred, Jane Eväkallio, Sunil Pal, Fabio Bondi, Martina Lilla, Luca Mezzalira, Jocelyn Been, and Nicolò Ribaudo.

The day before the conference was the perfect opportunity to organize an interesting workshop about Fastify held by Matteo Collina, Co-Founder and CTO of

Now that jsday 2023 is gone it’s time to focus on two more international conferences that will be held in English: on the 18th & 19th of May in Verona we will organize phpday, and on the 16th of June in Verona we will have the 10th edition of rubyday.