At GrUSP we pay close attention to making events and activities as inclusive, diversified and accessible as possible as we want to create an environment in which anyone can feel comfortable and respected.

What does it mean in practice? Here you will find the points we pay attention to. If there is something you want to suggest, you can write to us!

Events in attendance

Online Events


Then? What can we do better?

We know that the road to fully accessible and inclusive events is still long for many reasons, including, without hiding it, the budget.

This is certainly not a reason to give up and stop. We strongly believe in the power of sharing and comparison also under this kind of aspects and we invest all the resources that are at our disposal in order to improve. This is why we want to share what we would like to do in order to create even more inclusive, diversified and accessible events as possible.

So here’s our wish list:

  • production of precise subtitles in real time also on speeches in Italian;
  • production of simultaneous translations in English for the Italian talks and in Italian for the interventions in English both as subtitles and during face-to-face events;
  • real-time production of simultaneous sign language translations (LIS);
  • select locations that use renewable energy.

Let’s improve together

If you know other ways in which we can work to improve our events, other needs that we have unknowingly not yet taken into consideration or you are interested in financing (both economically and through the direct provision of the service) this kind of activity, contact us and let us know: we will be really happy to be able to experience new things and grow together.

Here you will also find information about the diversity and inclusion fund and how you can contribute if you are a business or individual.

You can also write an email to or write us directly on our Slack.

As Alice Orrù says in this beautiful article:

“What we do not represent does not exist. What we misrepresent remains wedged between the grates of prejudice.”

we are trying our best and with the support of every member of the community we know that we can grow and improve both as individuals and as a community.