GrUSP is a non-profit association, so first of all, a community of people who want to meet, connect, discuss and grow in the field of web development. To encourage this, we have thought of various initiatives and activities that can encourage and favor exchange and growth within the national community. Participate to receive discounts and free tickets.

Scholarships program

We want to create accessible and welcoming events, in which each person can feel comfortable and free to express themselves. We want to enable anyone who shares our values to participate in our conferences and promote an inclusive community by financially supporting those who cannot afford it.

Write an article

We want this site to be a way to communicate to and from the community. We would like to share your interests, success stories but also failures in order to allow anyone to learn and grow.

Express your interests

Our events are dedicated to the community that follows us and we want to select the best content based on your interests. Let us know what topics you would like us to address and which speaker you would like to see on stage.

Test your product

We want to connect not only those who have passion and work in the world of development but also support companies (startups or consolidated) that are making new products and that need to test them.

Join the community

Our goal is to create connections and we also do it by giving the developer community the opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss and support each other in a safe place where each member shares the values we carry forward.

Initiatives for Italian speakers

Accessibility in Tech Jobs

Let’s find out together from the concrete experiences of people with disabilities how to improve accessibility in the tech world.

accessibility in tech jobs

DInA Tech Hub

GrUSP together with Fuzzy Brains, She Tech, Associazine Python Itala and Women TechMakers Italia have decided to create a free and safe space where you can share resources, experiences and reflections on the practices of diversity, inclusion and accessibility in communities and companies in the technology sector.
It wants to be a space to stimulate constructive discussions, disseminate, share stories by giving a voice to each person, create alliances that can allow us to unite and achieve the goal together.

DInA Tech Hub - Diversity Inclsusion and Accessibility Tech Hub

Become GrUSP Supporter

Put your skills and passions into play. Find out what it means to organize an inclusive and accessible event in the world of web development.

Submit a talk at a PUG meetup

We have an always open CFP dedicated to anyone who wants to get involved and try their hand in the world of public speaking. PUGs are a gym for community members and they can’t wait to welcome you.

PUG PHP Programmer User Group