Here is the program of our 2021 conferences

We have been organizing conferences since 2003 and from the beginning we have been guided by three key values: content, community and inclusion. We organize high-quality vertical conferences, an opportunity for the members of our community to meet and exchange views in which anyone can feel at ease.

angularday Digital Edition

November 12th 2021
English Language

Why did we decide to continue with online events?

The situation regarding the pandemic is still very unstable now and we have absolutely no idea what the next few months may have in store. We have decided to plan the online conferences and to make them offline as soon as this is allowed, protecting the health and safety of everyone, obviously confident of being able to meet again as soon as possible 💕

It will not be a simple stream

A virtual event cannot completely replace an in-person conference experience, but we are excited and proud to say that the 2020 conferences have been engaging, people have actively interacted and made connections. We don’t want to simply reproduce online what we would have done in person. The conference will not be just a stream of content that people passively watch: we want to create a good user experience, obviously different from an in-person event, but at the same time engaging, inclusive and interactive.

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