Test your product

Our community is made of developers and devops and it is growing day by day. We decided to open a channel on our Slack dedicated to companies or startups wishing to test their products.

GrUSP wants to connect not only enthusiasts and professionals in the development world but also to support companies (startups or consolidated) that are making new products and that need to test them.

This means for us not only to give the opportunity to develop better products but also to connect our community to new initiatives that may be of interest to them.

How does it works?

By accessing our Slack for free, it will be possible to find the #product-testing channel in the pinned or welcome message.

Our community who is in that channel is available to give professional feedback on the product. We ask that in exchange to whom will give the feedback the company will give a license of the tested product or an extension of the trial period compared to that generally offered before the purchase of a product by at least 3 months. By accessing the channel it will be possible to write a message that must have the following characteristics:

  • a brief explanation of the product
  • type of test to be carried out
  • license or trial time of the product that will be obtained by giving the feedback

All members who reply to the message in the thread will be available to be contacted privately for product testing.

It is not allowed to contact in private all the participants of the channel or even worse of the entire Slack of the GrUSP.

Anyone who does not follow these rules will no longer have the ability to interact with our community members and the test proposal message will be removed.

Doubts, questions?

Write to us now at

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