Safe access to face-to-face events organized by GrUSP

We want to ensure an environment in which anyone can feel at ease and even more so given the ongoing pandemic we want to guarantee each participant the opportunity to experience the conference safely.

Spacing will be maintained throughout the conference and the use of a FFP2 mask will be mandatory.

You can find more info on the governement site.


What happens if I get sick and can’t attend or if I can’t come due to restrictions connected to COVID?

Everyone with a ticket will be able to join the event via livestream if you can’t attend our events in person (due to illness, restrictions in your country or in Italy).

What measures will you put in place to minimize the risk of spreading COVID?

We want nothing more than to put on a great and safe conference experience for everyone. We’ll make sure to follow the current recommendations at the time of the event.

This article is being updated based on government guidance.

Last update: 15th April 2022